Air filters and filter service from a single source

Air filters and air purification units from AAF Lufttechnik

Air - it surrounds us everywhere: at home, at work, in hospitals and schools. It is what makes our lives possible in the first place. But there are always billions of invisible particles buzzing around us - which can affect our health, our breathing, the instruments used in our plants and the products we manufacture.

And indoor air quality is still difficult to optimise, maintain and measure. RIS and AAF offer the latest in filtration system design, analysis, optimisation, service and monitoring, saving companies money and time, as well as minimising potential risks from poor indoor air quality.

RIS has been part of AAF Lufttechnik GmbH since 2017. Our service know-how coupled with AAF's expertise in air filtration is unique in the German market. The product portfolio ranges from simple pre-filters to highly efficient HEPA / ULPA filters. Gas phase filters to eliminate unpleasant odours and reduce corrosion are also part of the portfolio. In addition, AAF offers air filter housings and air purification devices for areas where special demands are made on air purity to protect against viruses, bacteria or fine dust.

Air filters and air purification units from AAF Lufttechnik


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