Process exhaust air systems

Process air systems for the protection of man, environment and machine

RIS is your specialist for process exhaust air. Depending on the production process, the material to be processed and the local conditions, various process exhaust air systems are used. We provide competent support to our customers from almost all industries, both in the planning and implementation of their project and for servicing during operation.

The different systems at a glance:

Dry smoke
The dry filter systems use the principle of physical separation, which is achieved by means of a filter medium. Cartridges, bag filters, pocket filters or filter systems with centrifugal force are used. The classification of the dust according to particle size and concentration enables the optimal selection of the available technology and the precise dimensioning of the filter system.

Oil mist
Vapours and oil mists are formed in various industrial processes, especially frequently in mechanical machining operations. In these cases, depending on the area of application, we offer centralised and decentralised unit types.

For the reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), we offer customised solutions based on the pollutant type and concentration. Our range includes fixed-bed and moving-bed scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, both for cleaning with water and reagents, or regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO). For high-efficiency filtration requirements or odour removal, we configure customised solutions with activated carbon filters.


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