Clean performance

Cleaning of industrial plants and ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Industrial cleaning and maintenance are highly relevant for the optimisation of your operational processes. Not only do you increase measurable quality in production, but you also reduce costs. A clean environment is a strong productivity factor for the entire workforce.

Because machines are becoming more and more modern and complex, they also react more and more sensitively to dirt. That's why it's especially important to have the dirt deposits and impurities that accumulate in daily operations cleaned regularly and professionally. With modern technology, innovative processes and a great deal of know-how and experience, we free machines and systems in a wide range of industries from all kinds of dirt. In doing so, we do not simply offer you off-the-shelf cleaning solutions, but address your individual needs and challenges.


We set standards in the cleaning of ventilation and air-conditioning systems

As cleaning and maintenance experts, we provide you with customer-oriented support. With qualified employees and modern machinery, we take care of your properties and maintain their value. Good service, professional competence and reliability are a matter of course for us.


Ventilation cleaning according to VDI 6022

With permanent operation, there is increasing contamination of the RTL system. The ducts are polluted with dust and germs, whereby mould can create enormous health risks. Furthermore, clogged filters and deposits in the ducts cause a lower air throughput, which in turn significantly increases energy consumption. The ventilation systems are disinfected with DGHM-listed products in accordance with the hygiene report.


We use several cleaning methods:

  • Mechanical cleaning of ventilation systems: Mechanical dry cleaning using rotating or oscillating brushes, use of a cleaning robot
  • Manual cleaning of ventilation ducts: Suction or wiping method for large cross-sections


Hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022

Every air handling unit should fulfil the two basic requirements of ensuring a healthy hygienic working environment and efficient energy consumption. The inspection of an air handling unit includes a visual inspection and a hygiene examination of the bacteriological condition. The visual inspection serves to determine the degree of wear of a system. In addition to dust accumulations, construction debris and organic deposits are often found in the ducts.


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