Ventilation is crucial for your building

Service know-how paired with the competence of the global market leader

As part of the DAIKIN Group, RIS can offer a wide range of solutions for the ventilation of your building. Coupled with our service expertise and filter solutions from AAF Lufttechnik, we can deliver a product-service combination that is unique in the market and can be configured and combined to meet the exact requirements of any building - regardless of use or application.

Providing fresh and clean air
While the airtight infrastructure of modern buildings guarantees excellent insulation and maximum energy efficiency, it also means a possible lack of fresh air, which in turn can cause moisture, microbes and allergens to accumulate. The solution to this problem can be found among the wide range of Daikin ventilation solutions that provide fresh and clean air in the most efficient way.

Fresh and clean indoor air
For the perfect air conditioning of rooms and buildings with the help of our ventilation systems, 5 essential quality criteria for conditioning the room air must be observed.

  • Ventilation: provides a supply of fresh air.
  • Heat recovery: recovers heat and moisture from the exhausted air for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Air treatment: heats or cools the incoming fresh air for maximum comfort and minimum load on the air conditioner
  • Humidification: optimises the balance between the humidity of the indoor air and the humidity of the outdoor air
  • Filtration: removes dust, pollutants and odours from the air



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